Too old to learn an instrument?

Have you ever been interested in learning an instrument or a new instrument, but then thought, “Nah, I’m too old” or “I don’t have enough time”?  Let me tell you my story…  I was in band from 5th grade til I graduated.  I played a variety of instruments in school (clarinet, mellophone, French horn, alto saxophone) and enjoyed those experiences, for the most part.  Then I graduated, and except for one stint playing horn at my sister’s graduation, I did not pick up any of those instruments in about 16 years.  Then someone mentioned they’d like to have some special Christmas music at church.  I dug out my alto sax and started working on it again.  I quickly realized I needed some serious help, since it had been so long and this was the instrument I had the least experience on.  I started taking lessons.  I took them for almost 2 years and learned so much.  The best part about this was that it got me interested in brushing up on my other instruments.  I started playing French horn for special church music.  Then I joined a home school band with my children and played tenor sax, alto sax, French horn, bass clarinet, and baritone sax.  You see where this is all going?  Once I got back into my love of instruments, I kept going and honestly am probably better than I ever was in high school.  Since first digging out my alto almost 10 years ago, I have now added trumpet, electric bass guitar, and drums to my repertoire.  I love them all!  So, take it from me!  It’s never to late to learn or to return to an instrument.  And, although I am challenged to find time to practice at times,  I am more motivated to learn because I am doing this for myself and because I want to be a better musician and use my gifts at church, work, and in teaching classes.

Why Choose Music Exploration?

  • Friendly, qualified teachers Our teachers are only the best musicians as well as instructors.
  • Beginners welcome, from children to adults Wherever you are in your musical journey, you can find a teacher to meet your music needs. Our teachers specialize in music lessons for beginners.
  • We are here to assist you  We will help you find a private music instructor to fit your needs and ensure you have a rewarding learning experience.

Why Take Weekly Music Lessons?

We give music lessons in Eldersburg on a variety of instruments, such as guitar, piano, drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc. Although most people see the value of having weekly lessons, occasionally, someone will ask about taking lessons once or twice a month, so I decided to address that issue. Taking private lessons with any frequency is always helpful; however, having consistent weekly lessons is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, it allows students to have consistent instruction, which reinforces learned skills with weekly lessons. It also allows the teacher to see the progress students are making and to work on new concepts on a regular basis. Secondly, weekly lessons keep students motivated and, hopefully, interested in learning their instruments. It is easier for students to procrastinate practicing when they know they won't be seeing their teacher for a while. Weekly lessons give more accountability. One last benefit of week lessons is that it promotes commitment to learning an instrument. To be fully involved and committed to learning an instrument, students need to have regular contact with it. With younger students, it is especially important for them to have weekly lessons while they are learning notation and music theory which is so important to being proficient on their instruments.

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